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What is a Botox Lip Flip

A Botox lip flip is a non-surgical lip filler alternative that gives the lip a subtle lift or flip. Botox is injected into a few strategic spots along your upper lip, mostly at the center and corners. This relaxes those muscles and allows for that subtle flip, which just means more of the upper lip is visible as it rolls slightly upward. A Botox lip flip doesn’t necessarily add more volume to your lip, it just gives the illusion of doing so. It provides a natural plumped-up pout by working with eh natural shape of your lips. It’s not as evident as lip filler.

There are a multitude of benefits of a Botox lip flip. Firstly, it’s more affordable than fillers. If you’re seeking that subtle something, injecting a few units of Botox into your lip will be more cost-effective than traditional fillers. Your savings can also compound when you have to get repeated procedures to maintain the same result. Secondly, the results are more natural since it works with the shape of your lips. Thirdly, the procedure is very quick. Majority of Botox lip flips are completed within 10 minutes. There isn’t much down time either. Although there may be some soreness or swelling, there won’t be as much when compared to filler. Lastly, your results will actually improve with time. When it comes with Botox, you’ll see complete results of your Botox lip flip within a week of your procedure. Whereas with filler you have to deal with migration the more of it you get. However, one can get both lip filler and Botox lip flip, but lip filler migration is something to be weary of.

How long will the results last? A Botox lip flip doesn’t provide permanent results and requires maintenance. Usually your results will last around 3 months. The reason as to why Botox won’t last as long with your lips as around other areas of the face is because you use your mouth more. Any movement from talking, smiling, eating, or drinking works with these lip muscles that you can relax with your Botox treatment.


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