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Tired of Looking Tired?

Do you ever wake up feeling rested but looking like you pulled an all-nighter? The good news is that Botox can be a solution to looking more awake. It can also help you avoid having a surgical procedure in order to get rid of dark circles or lines. Instead, you can opt for these common treatments for your eyes.

Strategic injections of Botox can relax the facial muscles around the eyes. These muscles often hold the eyelids semi-closed, producing a tired or squinting look – which in turn, can cause wrinkles to develop. With Botox, the eyes can open wider without any effort on your part, giving you a wide-awake and youthful look. When carefully and properly placed, eye-area Botox can help to plump up your eyelid, pulling the undereye up and reducing or eliminating signs of under-eye bags and puffiness.

In most cases, dark under eyes develop over time due to the fact that the skin area is very delicate and becomes thinner with time. As the skin loses collagen over time, there is less volume to uphold the structures of the face. Dermal fillers can be used to plump this area back up and make you look more awake. As a result, dark circles are lessened or eliminated, helping you achieve a more refreshed appearance without needing plastic surgery.


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