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Signs of Bad Lip Filler

Over the past couple of years the desire for lip filler has sky rocketed. As a result, a plethora for cosmetic clinics have been starting to provide the procedure. Today, lip injections are one of the most common aesthetic treatments. Even though a lot of people offer the service, not all services for lip filler are created equal. Unfortunately, bad lip injections aren’t uncommon. There are several things that can go wrong when it comes to lip injections.

The first sign is bruising, which is a common complication. It happens when the needle accidentally punctures larger blood vessels within the lips. A little bruising following lip injection is normal, but if you have significant amounts of bruising then it could be a sign that your injector administered the filler incorrectly. In some instances, a haematoma may develop, which causes a firm mass under the skin. Down the line the haematoma can develop an infection which causes damage to the surround tissue and nerves.

Uneven, lumpy lips is another tell-tale sign that your injector might have made some mistakes. They usually occur for one of several reasons. The technique that your injector is using could consist of using too much pressure when injecting. Furthermore, lumpiness could also be caused by an allergic reaction.

Lastly, necrosis can occur from bad lip filler. This is one of the worst case scenarios when it comes to lip filler. Necrosis means death of the tissue. Necrosis is typically caused by an obstruction of a blood vessel, where it prevents vital oxygenated blood and nutrients from reaching the tissues. Necrosis presents with symptoms including severe pain and whitening or purple discoloration of the lip tissue. Urgent treatment is necessary to avoid permanent scarring and disfigurement.

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