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How to Get a Subtle Look With Botox and filler

Even though people come to us looking for enhancements through Botox and filler, one of their first thoughts might be, “I don’t want to look fake.” This is very understandable considering seeing the cosmetic fails of celebrities who have taken it too far. When getting treatment, one should aim for treatment that enhances their appearance, not take away from it. The goal is for the results to look as natural as possible. People should be able to see how good you look but can’t put their finger on why.

It can be off putting when seeing someone exert a lot of emotion, but their face doesn’t move one millimeter. Another telltale sign of Botox injection is what we call “Spock Brow.” It’s when too much Botox is injected in the center of the forehead and not enough at the sides, therefore creating a weird, surprised look. However, this can be avoided when Botox is properly injected. Although Botox exists to prevent muscle movement and therefore wrinkles, it shouldn’t immobilize your face completely. When a licensed injector administers it in the correct place with the right amount you should still be able to make expressions.

When it comes to fillers, they are the best route to take to replace volume loss as we age. As we get older and our collagen depletes, our lips get thinner and our fat pads in our cheeks go down which leads to laugh lines. If filler is injected in the appropriate places, those areas are subtly plumped up more which can make you look more rested and refreshed. Unfortunately, when someone goes overboard with filler it can create a “pillow face” look which can actually make your facial structure look off and unnatural. Your injector should have your best interest at heart to help provide you a natural, enhanced look.

When consulting a professional, they may determine that you don’t need filler and Botox at all depending on your current circumstances. They might determine that the micro needling or retinol route is best. Micro needling and retinol both boost collagen production which leads to a more plump, youthful appearance.


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