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Tracy Holzman


I get it.  I too am an overstimulated beauty consumer in a world full of creams and potions with elaborate, unrealistic advertising campaigns.  


At Georgetown Aesthetic, I wanted to create a haven to achieve beautiful non-surgical results for real life beauties - for real women...and men, with real budgets. 


As a board certified Registered Nurse, I have specialized in the aesthetic field of medicine since 2011.  I am a former Aesthetic Sales Representative for the products I now inject and I have over 2000 hours of training with the top plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists across the United States.  


Using my knowledge of facial anatomy, clinical training, and expertise in cosmetic injections, I provide injectable beauty enhancements that are safe, effective, affordable, and not overdone.


I believe everyone deserves to be glowing with effortless, radiant beauty.  So get excited, you are about to look even MORE amazing!

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